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    A Digital Medical Record with a difference...

    ■ Ease of use, clinician designed, minimal training
    ■ Rapid deployment, faster return on your investment
    ■ Digitise complex processes to create hospital efficiencies
    ■ Highly interoperable with existing solutions in use
    ■ Scalable to suit all organisations sizes and budgets
    ■ You own the data. Enable analytics through open access
  • We welcome our newest client Aurora Healthcare to Vitro Software

    Australia's second-largest private mental health and rehabilitation care provider

  • The intuitive clinical data management solution for hospitals

    The simplicity of paper. The power of technology.

  • Manage your Hospitals patient data using Vitro's clinician designed system

    Improving Healthcare outcomes with user focused digital transformation

Benefit from a clinician designed Digital Medical Record to meet your hospital's unique needs

Manage patients clinical data digitally and integrate with your healthcare or hospitals existing systems to have a 360-degree patient view.

Efficiently manage patient's clinical data to impro+ve outcomes, save time and make better decisions.

Benefit from a clinician designed digital medical record that inspires user adoption, retains your existing processes & workflows, increases patient safety and reduces costs.

We believe that technology is central to helping end users work more efficiently, providing better services and outcomes to patients, while also reducing costs.


  • St George's Hospital, New Zealand "Clinicians can now access patient information on the move, we have seen a positive impact on patient discharge times"
  • A Calvary Hospital, Australia "There has been a 75% saving in the costs associated with becoming paperless and these costs are continually decreasing"
  • BreastScreen Victoria, Australia "The new digital whiteboard has improved patient flow, providing for a better experience for both patients and staff"
  • LauraLynn Children's Hospice, Ireland "The time taken to locate historical data within the patient record has been reduced by 66%"

Vitro's Clinician Designed Digital Medical Record for Hospitals


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Top 3 Digital Healthcare Insights

Collaboration in Healthcare - Everyone Matters

"Neil Jordan, Worldwide General Manager of the Health Industry for Microsoft. Doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals need to be able to share the most up-to-date information, whether they are in a hospital or clinic, treating a patient, travelling between facilities or teleworking. They need communication and collaboration tools that help them connect with each other and with critical information to improve their performance and reduce errors."

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“make them use it” is not a valid EMR adoption strategy

"Of course we are all aware that a traditional EMR rollout is a huge financial commitment (thus raising the financial risk considerably, in addition to the operational risk of upending the healthcare organisation for a minimum of two years while the project is implemented). In many cases, those risks are well flagged and whilst typically underestimated, they have at least been given strong consideration. However the biggest risk to such a project is usually one that doesn’t receive much attention – user adoption"

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EMR Implementation – Big Bang or Phased Approach?

"One question that we have come across with clients time and time again is “How should we implement an EMR?” This usually refers to whether a hospital should take a Big Bang approach to the implementation of Electronic Medical Records or phase it in over time. One of the largest concerns with hospital management during the implementation of an EMR are..."

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